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  Big Game Hunting
Hunting Big Game in British Columbia is an experience all sportsmen worldwide should experience. Vast areas and an abundance of diverse wildlife populations make this province a destination of choice and it is sure to fill that “Passion for Pursuit” that all sportsmen have.

Monashee Outfitting offers to you the chance to explore one of these areas. With both easily accessed areas and much more remote valleys we are able to tailor our hunts to fit our clients. Whether you are hunting the largest carnivore in North America, the Grizzly Bear, or listening as a Bull Moose grunts his reply to our lonely cow calls. From the trying hunt for the Mountain Goat, the pleasurable pursuit of Black Bears, or the sound of the wolf’s mournful howl, it will be an experience to embrace.

The quality of game in British Columbia is second to none. With areas that are still relatively remote to the hunter, these older, larger animals are still able to be found. Within our territory we still have many areas that have either had limited or no hunting exposure. These areas are still difficult to access, yet will supply the surrounding area with some excellent trophies, as these animals move in and out of these places. For those who are up to the adventure, and in good physical condition, it is possible to work your way into these remote areas.

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, look no further, we are here to help fulfill your dreams and create unforgettable memories to carry with you forever.

BC – The best place on earth.