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  Location & Lodging
Located in the heart of the Monashee & Selkirk Ranges of British Columbia, Monashee Outfitting holds the exclusive guiding rights to over 4000 sq kms of terrain. Monashee Outfitting is easy to reach being within 6 hours drive of two international airports, it is a cost effective place to travel too. Our lodge is located on the western shore of Lake Revelstoke and is only accessible by boat.

We have taken pride in assuring that all the needs of our clients are met in our lodging even though we are in a remote location. With wood heat, electric lights, flush toilets and hot showers available, all your needs are met at our lodge. We work with solar power as much as possible with a generator as back up during poor weather times. Access to Internet and phone is also available at our lodge for those who need to stay in touch with their families or businesses.

Meals are prepared on site using fresh meat and vegetables and prepared by our chef. We can meet any dietary or health issues you may have. You are sure to look forward each day to the dinner that awaits your return.