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Our moose hunts start in September and run through to late October. Hunt in late September and early October to be in the heart of the rut. Our hunts run for 10 days and you can choose to hunt 1:1, or if you have a friend you would like to hunt with we also offer a 2:1 hunt. We spend our time encouraging these large animals to come to us as we call. This also gives us the chance to look over the bulls as they come in so we can decide if it is a trophy we want. Whether they come in with the typical "grunt" from up to 1000 meters away or if they keep quiet and sneak in, you will be testing your hearing. It is an amazing sight to watch as these large animals step out of the forest 30yds away and you never knew they were there. 90% of our hunts we call these Bulls in to ranges from 15 - 50yds.

 90% success on hunt
 Average size of horn 48" - 52"
 Can be made into a combination hunt with Goat
 Largest moose taken 206 5/8th
 Hunt during the Rut
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