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  Grizzly Bears
Spot and Stalk hunts take place from late April to early June; there is no fall hunt for grizzly bear in this region of BC. We spend our time hunting these bears as they emerge from their dens and move to the first areas to green up in the spring. Avalanche chutes, river bottoms and lakeshore areas are where we find these big bears feeding on the new grasses or digging up the roots of the Avalanche Lilies. Trophy sized animals are the normal on our hunts with bears as large as 8 ' being found. Our hunts are 12 days and we have a very high success rate on rifle hunts. Hunting these large carnivores is a game of wits, learning what these big bears are thinking before they have you figured out is the challenging part of the hunt. It is a hunt of persistence and patience followed by a period of sheer excitement.

 100% success since 2004 - 80% success on average
 Baiting Bears is Illegal in BC
 Bears average 7' - 8 ½''
 Excellent hide quality
 2007: 15yr old Katie Brandenburg killed a 7 ' bear
 2006: 17yr old Brian McDonald killed a 8'2" bear scoring 24" B&C
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